Here is where I will answer many of the questions about music that we can do together, to help you understand the basics, and show how simple it is to commission your own work of musical art. 

1) How do I go about commissioning a piece of music?

Contact me! You are already here looking, so you already know how amazing this gift will be! Perhaps you are working with an event planner for the most memorable occasion of your life. I will work hand in hand to insure the music is appropriate and eternal. Perhaps you want to commemorate a special occasion. Contact me, tell me what you have in mind, and together, we will find the best presentation possible. Do you need a musical gift for a young virtuoso? I will work with any instrument and any level of talent. And if you are looking for the ultimate tribute, your own personal symphonic work, together, we will create the perfect combination of melody, harmony, counterpoint and presentation to last you and your loved ones a lifetime! 

2) What is the best type of music I can give as an everlasting gift? 

Of course each person has different backgrounds and personalities, and that’s where you should begin. Think about the lucky recipient - what is the age, education and preference of this individual? What is the occasion? Perhaps a heavy metal tune is inappropriate for a wedding, unless the marriage is to a member of Motley Crüe. Perhaps a symphony is overkill for a “Sweet Sixteen” party, unless your daughter is a concert bassoon virtuoso. If you have written a poem, I will make it a song. If you have an emotion, I will create a soundscape to bring it to musical life. The best type of music is the music only you can express to me. 

3) Will I get a copy of the music? 

Yes! There are several copies to be had - you can choose to receive a recording of the commissioned work, a live performance if you wish, or both, and of course a completed manuscript, professionally copied, playable by any ensemble, with your chosen name at the top, signed by me, the composer. Your manuscript can also be framed, if you so desire. 

4) Do I have a say in the creation of the piece? 

Totally! Each commissioned work is unique to your specifications - number of musicians, soloists, lyrics, either by you or me or one of either of our choosing, synthesizers or live musicians - You pick the style, you pick the length, you pick the occasion, you listen to the demo (yes, I will make a demo!) and make your suggestions (which I will follow) before the final product is created - You are the producer, and it will be my pleasure to give you the music you hear in your head, only better. 

5) How do we work together - over the internet? 

Not entirely - indeed, I would love to meet with you so you can feel comfortable with me and my personality, and I can find out in depth and in person exactly what it is you need from me. Years of experience has taught me that nothing makes an idea clearer than a face to face meeting, relaxed and focused. If you are within a hundred miles or so of New York City, I can easily come to you. Any further, I can still come to you, just not as easily. That said, I am perfectly comfortable on Zoom or FaceTime or Skype. Your call! And of course, my time is always open to my most important writing partner, you. Then, during the writing process, I will stay in constant touch so you will always know just how far along the piece has come, and that everything is on schedule. There is always a way to work it out, and I will give you not only my best work, but yours as well. 

6) OK, how much does this cost, and how long will it take? 

Here is the beauty part. You decide how much you wish to spend based upon length of music, number of musicians, studio time, live performance, guest soloists, style of music, performance and recording specifications, basically the entire scope of parameters for your commission and together we work both to your time frame and budget. 

Many sites suggest up to two years for a large symphonic piece, and several hundreds of thousands of dollars! Sure, I’ll happily take your time and money if you wish, but I would rather work to a more reasonable deadline for you and I would want you to know you are getting the full value from your investment. Typically, a demo for a song set to lyrics can happen within a week. On the other end of the spectrum, a demo for a 15 minute symphony should take only about six weeks, or faster if the pressure is on. Then the actual writing out of the music takes up the bulk of time, with a song being studio ready in perhaps another week, depending on availability, and a symphony being ready within two to three months after the approval of the demo. (Yes, I will make a demo!) As I see it, any longer is wasting your time. Of course, there is everything in between. Certainly, if you do have the luxury of time, I will utilize it to its full advantage. And if your need is immediate, my work can be as well. Just let me know your circumstances and I will do all I can to make your musical dream a reality. Check out the pricing page for some specifics, and remember, I WILL work with you. 

7) Do you ever simply use the same song over and over again? 

I do not ever resort to already written material, or “trunk songs” to speed the process. Nor do I “farm out” my compositions as is a common practice for films and television shows. Each note, each harmony, each counterpoint is freshly composed for you alone by me alone. 

8) Who deals with finding musicians and recording studios and all of the technical aspects? 

All of the recording and/or performance details are included with each specific package, and you are most certainly invited and welcome to the final recording session, which typically will happen in one of my favorite world class studios in New York City, although if you have an orchestra you would wish to use, I am willing to travel for you. Prague is nice.