Some THEATRE news.

Last I heard, the WARHOL project is aiming for a late Summer/early Fall opening in a brand new theatre space in Greenwich, London, England, 2024. It features music by me and my longtime friend and partner Peppy Castro, with a book by Rupert Holmes, Directed by Trevor Nunn. Did I mention Trevor Nunn? And work is well underway for the Johnny Carson project, entitled BEHIND THE CURTAIN, my music and lyrics, directed by Tricia Brouk, book by Joe Ricci. Meanwhile, my brilliant wife Elise Morris (Really, go visit!) has a show opening featuring her music at William and Mary College in October called THE TRAGIC AND LAMENTABLE TALE OF MAD LUCY DECEASED, with a book and lyrics by Bill Schermerhorn. And with Amanda Yesnowitz providing the book and lyrics along with my music, MAY/DECEMBER will be having a high profile showcase in the near future. It is a two person vehicle about love between generations. Stay tuned!

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