Making some kind of noise since the mid 1950s.”

Well, here you are.

Welcome to my little collection of memories and projects and dreams. The life I have lead, the life I am leading and the life I hope to lead.
Click on my BIO page to allow me to brag to you about my past accomplishments. You live long enough, you get to do a lot of stuff.
Try my VIDEOS page to see some films of me doing stuff, and maybe more fun, to see some videos I have produced and edited myself.
The MUSIC page has arrangements I have done of songs by other people, and some pieces I have written myself that I am happy to share.
The THEATRE page has some tunes I have worked on while trying to get a foothold in the impossible but glorious world of live theatre.
I have included some PHOTOS to bring you to some places I've been and see some of the people who let me get close enough to snap a pic.
There's even a page where you can HIRE me to write or arrange something for you, just how you'd like it.
And you can CONTACT me, if you think it's at all necessary.
I hope you have fun here, as much as I had fun putting it together.

Latest News

Here is where I can keep you up to date about my current goings on. Not quite a blog, more like a "stay tuned."